Tyler police learn emergency medical training from ETMC EMS

January 23, 2018

East Texas Medical Center Emergency Medical Services (ETMC EMS) and the Tyler Police Department have teamed up to certify and train officers in Emergency Medical Responses.

“This type of training for our officers adds an extra layer of protection for the people we serve on a daily basis,” said Tyler Police Chief Jimmy Toler. “We have 10 officers that will be a part of the inaugural certification class, with plans to expand the EMR program in the department.”

Tyler Police Sergeant Luke Shafer was trained as an Emergency Medical Technician and saw the need for police assistance in emergency calls like cardiac arrest, overdoses, choking, diabetic comas and other traumatic injuries.

“These certified EMR officers can use Automatic External Defibrillators, administer oxygen, utilize blood glucometers, apply tourniquets and administer Narcan,” said Dr. Bill Moore, medical director of ETMC EMS. “The utilization of law enforcement officers as first responders during medical emergencies has the potential to decrease the time it takes for a patient to receive possible lifesaving care.”

“ETMC EMS is excited of the Tyler Police Department’s eagerness to train interested police officers in the Emergency Medical Responder course and ETMC EMS is proud to provide the training,” said Ron Schwartz, vice president of ETMS EMS. “Any additional care provided in the system today is a win for the community and can only help save additional lives.”