ETMC Tyler installs the first in Texas digital PET/CT technology

January 31, 2018

ETMC Tyler recently installed the Philips Vereos digital PET/CT (positron emission tomography/computed tomography) system – the first of its kind in Texas.

The Vereos PET/CT is the world’s first fully digital PET/CT system. “We’re very pleased to offer our patients this innovative advancement in diagnostic imaging,” said Dianne Adelfio, vice president of operations/cancer.

The system has been shown to provide exceptional performance for many applications, including oncology, cardiology and brain imaging. It features sophisticated technology, and offers advanced capabilities that provide a high level of patient care including

  • Improved detectability and characterization of small lesions.
  • Uncompromised detectability and quantification at half the PET dose.
  • Uncompromised lesion detectability in one-tenth the time.

PET renders critical diagnostic information that other imaging tests may not provide. While other techniques such as X-ray or CT show structural anatomy, PET presents metabolic activity within the body. These metabolic “hot spots,” and corresponding functional abnormalities, can reveal disease states before structural damage is evident. In some instances, this early detection can alter the course of action.

The most common applications of PET in cancer patients are for aiding clinicians in the diagnosis when other tests are inconclusive, staging the extent of cancer and monitoring for disease recurrence before it escalates or spreads.

The system also has the world’s first Digital Photon Counting technology, which acquires and processes information in an entirely new way compared to conventional PET scanners, setting a new benchmark in PET/CT imaging.

“In addition the Vereos is patient-friendly and has a short patient tunnel,” Adelfio said. “Some patients are apprehensive about the full enclosure of a traditional imaging gantry, so we are glad to offer this option.”