ETMC to transfer hospital management to Fairfield Hospital District

December 17, 2016

The East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System will transfer management of ETMC Fairfield to the Fairfield Hospital District (FHD) effective midnight Dec. 31.

More than two years ago, ETMC notified the Fairfield Hospital District Board of Directors that it would not be renewing its lease of the hospital. In September 2015, ETMC and the FHD mutually agreed to amend their lease changing the expiration date to Dec. 31, 2016. In the interim, ETMC has been working closely with the FHD to ensure a smooth transition.

“ETMC has been a part of the Fairfield community since 1998, so the decision to not renew our contract was very difficult,” said Perry Henderson, senior vice president, affiliate operations. “Due to changes in healthcare, such as declining reimbursement rates, we could no longer afford to operate the hospital. However, we are very proud of all we accomplished with our partners, the Fairfield Hospital District, over the past 18 years.”

With the transition, the hospital’s name will change to Freestone Medical Center. All current ETMC Fairfield employees are being transferred to employment with FMC with their current benefits and time accruals.

“Over the years ETMC and the FHD have invested more than $18 million in the hospital to make it functional and beautiful for patient care,” said Henderson. “We believe we are leaving the facility for Freestone Medical Center in great shape so they can continue to serve the people in their community.”

Management of the ETMC First Physicians clinic in Fairfield also will transfer with the hospital. All current providers – Joseph Berger, III, DO; Mary Elias Sorial, DO; Darryl White, MD; Lora Brown, PA-C and Jack Runyan, PA – will continue with the clinic.