ETMC Quitman earns designation as Level III stroke center

February 15, 2017

The Texas Department of State Health Services has designated ETMC Quitman a Level III stroke center.

“We are so proud to have earned designation as a stroke center,” said Patrick Swindle, hospital administrator. “Patients suffering from a stroke can receive the care they need right in their own community. I also would like to commend the hard work of our team members in achieving this designation.”

There are 148 designated stroke facilities in Texas. There are 18 comprehensive or Level 1 centers. There are 116 primary or Level II stroke facilities, including ETMC Tyler. ETMC Quitman, along with ETMC Athens, ETMC Henderson and ETMC Pittsburg, are part of the 16 support or Level III facilities.

To earn the two-year designation, ETMC Quitman had to pass an extensive on-site survey during which all its stroke protocols were evaluated. Also, the state reviewed data compiled over a six-month period by the hospital to ensure current clinical guidelines relating to stroke care were followed.

In addition, Level III centers must have the equipment, protocols and specially trained personnel needed to resuscitate, stabilize and assess stroke victims and provide treatment or immediate transfer to a higher level stroke center. They also must provide ongoing educational opportunities relating to stroke and implement stroke prevention programs.