Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes ETMC

October 3, 2017

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recognized two ETMC hospitals for meeting the seven core elements for Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs (ASP), based on a survey from the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).

In letters to ETMC Quitman and ETMC Pittsburg, the CDC recognized the hospitals stating, “This was no small feat for small, rural facilities such as yours to have accomplished. The overall goal is to curb the misuse and overuse of antibiotics which contribute to the emergence of deadly, multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria.”

ETMC participated in a question and answer session to share strategies. The conference call included personnel from the CDC, The Pew Charitable Trust, Texas Department of State Health Services and ETMC team members.

“We emphasized the key to any of our success was our team approach,” said Director of Quality Improvement Terry Casburn. “Our team includes the ETMC Tyler pharmacy, Hunter Pharmacy, Dr. Ilanko Upendran and Dr. Beverly Waddleton in Quitman, Dr. Chase Conner and Dr. Trey Vanderburg in Pittsburg, Dr. Greta Parks at both facilities and many more.”

“For example, combining the pharmacy and therapeutics committee with the infection control committee for quarterly meetings was beneficial,” added Casburn. “It also was logical to add the ASP committee to tie all those disciplines together for sharing of ideas for improvement,” said Casburn.

ETMC also assisted with piloting the CDC’s updated NHSN Annual Hospital Survey stewardship questions prior to its 2019 release. “We noted items that might be difficult for small, rural facilities such as ours,” Casburn said. “The updated survey will go out to 4,000 facilities across the country. We felt honored to be one of a handful of hospitals to participate in this piloting process and hope our feedback contributes to improved representation of small and critical access hospitals in national antibiotic stewardship efforts.”