ETMC Family Birthplace in Tyler


The ETMC Family Birthplace in Tyler is on the fourth floor of ETMC Tyler’s north wing. With consistently high satisfaction as shown by independently administered patient surveys, it has become a trusted leader in East Texas for maternity and newborn care.

As part of the ETMC Family Birthplace system, our Tyler location uses the same continuous care processes that ensure the smoothest and most comfortable labor and delivery experience we can offer. Other key distinctions include

  • use of the LDRP concept in which the entire birthing process (labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum) takes place in the same room
  • large private rooms with soft colors, oak woods and expansive windows
  • bathroom and shower facilities in each suite
  • television and stereo in each suite

The infant nursery and operating suites for cesarean deliveries are also part of the ETMC Family Birthplace in Tyler, creating the best facility for comprehensive, family-centered maternity care. If you’re interested in delivering at the ETMC Family Birthplace in Tyler, call 903-594-2645 to learn the next steps of preregistration.

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