ETMC Family Birthplace in Henderson

Continuous maternity care makes every delivery special

At the ETMC Family Birthplace in Henderson, OB-GYNs Linda Mughrabi, MD, and Bruno Romeo, MD, and a team of nurses offer extraordinary support for mothers and newborns. Our policy of continuous care ensures your labor and delivery experience is as smooth and comfortable as possible. The same RN often stays with you throughout delivery and recovery, which increases the bonding experience and your level of comfort.

The ETMC Family Birthplace in Henderson offers

  • three labor/delivery/recovery rooms
  • 11 antepartum and postpartum rooms
  • specialized cesarean section surgery room
  • cesarean section recovery room
  • advanced monitoring equipment
  • infant security systems
  • Level I nursery
  • anesthesia providers available for pain relief during labor
  • prenatal classes
  • language access services or interpreters

“Many hospitals these days don’t have a real nursery but we haven’t gone that route. If mom has a C-section or has been up all night in labor, she has the option to send her baby back to the nursery, knowing it is fully staffed and ready to watch over the little one while she gets the rest needed to recover.”
– Janet Neal, obstetrics director

It’s all about you and your baby

A personalized plan of maternity care is arranged for you upon arrival at the ETMC Family Birthplace in Henderson. We keep you informed about what to expect and cater to your requests throughout the process. Do you want to go skin-to-skin immediately with your new baby? Do you want quiet time after the birth? Is there a special meal you’d like after delivering? Just let us know – we’re here to make this the most amazing experience of your life.

Accolades for our Family Birthplace team

Our birth registry team has received the Exemplary Five Star Award from the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Vital Statistics Unit. Additionally, our team has earned a “distinguished certification” from the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention.

“I want our patients to know how much we care. We’re aware of what’s happening when things are going well or when things are stressful. We feel a special love for our patients and their precious babies.”
Bruno Romeo, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist

Plan a tour of the ETMC Family Birthplace in Henderson

If you’re in the process of deciding where to have your baby, we invite you to arrange a tour. If you’ve decided to deliver at the ETMC Family Birthplace in Henderson, we invite you begin the preregistration process. Call 903-655-3897 to learn more.

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