ETMC Neurological Institute in Tyler


When it’s a matter of the brain or spine, where you go for help matters

Your nervous system – the brain, spinal cord and nerves – is an intricate network of tissues that comprise the very things that make us human: complex thought, control of speech and creativity in arts and sciences. To care for it requires a healthcare system just as encompassing.

The ETMC Neurological Institute: A network of care

ETMC has assembled a team of fellowship-trained and board-certified neurological specialists that rivals any other, anywhere. Patients travel from across town and across the world for access to more than 20 neurological specialists, gathered in one place.

Working with highly trained medical professionals throughout the ETMC system, they diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions at ETMC centers of excellence located in Tyler, with support in communities throughout East Texas.

ETMC Neurological Institute specialties include

  • conservative spine treatment
  • ear, nose and throat
  • epilepsy treatment
  • movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease
  • neurological oncology
  • neurological surgery
  • neurological trauma
  • neurology
  • neuromuscular care
  • neuropsychology
  • neuroradiology and interventional neuroradiology
  • pain management
  • rehabilitation services including occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical medicine
  • sleep medicine

ETMC neurological centers of excellence include

  • Level I trauma center, offering the highest possible level of care with neurological specialists available 24/7.
  • Movement disorders designated center of excellence, providing internationally recognized expertise in deep brain stimulation for

Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia and related conditions.

  • Neurointerventional radiology center, leading the way in the treatment of aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, strokes and other life-threatening intracranial conditions.
  • Pain management clinic, furthering the use of interventional and nonsurgical methods to relieve debilitating head, neck and back pain.
  • Primary stroke center, delivering specialized care at the region’s first stroke center to receive The Joint Commission’s Certificate of Distinction.
  • Rehabilitation centers, covering the region with occupational and physical therapy centers to help individuals regain and/or retain mobility.
  • Sleep medicine program – diagnosing and treating sleep disorders at accredited centers located throughout East Texas.


“We have worked for many years to provide the best neurological care that you can get anywhere in the United States, right here in Tyler at ETMC.”

– Thomas W. Grahm, MD, neurosurgeon

Talent and technology that makes a lifesaving difference

ETMC has invested in the most advanced tools available to diagnose and treat complex neurological conditions and place them in the hands of gifted specialists who are respected as leaders in their fields. Working in collaboration with providers from all disciplines of medicine, we are dedicated to advancing care and enhancing lives in East Texas – and beyond.

ETMC Neurological Institute technologies include

  • The latest imaging and diagnostic tools, such as CT scans, MRI and other forms of magnetic imaging, PET scans and nuclear medicine.
  • Advanced drug therapies to treat a wide range of neurological disorders.
  • Dedicated surgical suites and teams for procedures that include neuroangiography and deep brain stimulation.
  • A dedicated neurological intensive care unit, featuring state-of-the-art technology and specially trained critical care nurses who provide constant care and monitoring of patients in the crucial hours after neurosurgery, stroke or injury of the brain and/or spine.
  • Medtronic StealthStation, a powerful computer-assisted tool that enables neurosurgeons to navigate the delicate structures of the brain and nervous system with more safety and precision.
  • The Penumbra System, which dramatically broadens treatment options for stroke patients.
  • CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery and TrueBeam linear accelerator for treatment of tumors in the brain, neck and spine.

Providing personalized care, close to home

At ETMC we understand that each individual has unique circumstances and needs, and that dealing with conditions involving the brain, neck, spine and nervous system can be overwhelming. We try to ease the stress by scheduling your appointments in a convenient and coordinated manner. We wrap services around patients and their families so that you can stay near home and receive world-class neurological care.

ETMC Neurological Institute support services include

  • case managers
  • chaplains
  • clinical nutritionists
  • clinical pharmacists
  • ETMC Home Health services
  • psychiatrists
  • social workers
  • support groups for people with DBS interest, epilepsy, essential tremor, LSVT BIG and LOUD, Parkinson’s disease


“We’re set up to help connect the patients and their families with community resources that can help take the load off.”

– George Plotkin, MD, neurologist

For a referral or to make an appointment at the ETMC Neurological Institute, please call 903-594-2958 or 800-728-2702.