ETMC Henderson inpatient care

Comfortable and comforting patient care

At ETMC Henderson, we go the extra mile to make your inpatient experience the best it can be so that you’re back on your feet as soon as possible. Our entire hospital staff works tirelessly to create a comfortable and comforting experience for our inpatients and their families.

On-staff physicians are here for you

Our hospital on-staff physicians, known as hospitalists, will be in charge of your care while you’re a patient at ETMC Henderson. These doctors treat only inpatients and provide evidence-based and family-centered care. Now you won’t have to wait for an outside physician or specialist to visit for answers to your questions or relief from your pain – a hospitalist is here during most hours of the day to respond to your needs.

“As a hospitalist, I work hard to stay abreast of new information and technologies, so the patients who are admitted to the hospital know they’re getting the best, most updated level of care I can provide.’’
– Gerald Akpassa, MD, hospitalist and internal medicine physician

ETMC Henderson offers comprehensive care

With 96 beds and a qualified, experienced team of nurses and healthcare professionals ready to focus on your needs, ETMC Henderson is the place to be. Our inpatient care also includes

  • beds with telemetry monitoring that collects and transmits data for increased patient safety
  • hospitalist services
  • dietary therapies and services
  • 24-hour radiology department with advanced imaging technologies
  • pharmacy services
  • on-site laboratory services
  • pulmonary testing and respiratory therapy
  • surgical procedures
  • physical, occupational and speech therapies

We care about your family members, too

Part of our hometown approach to healthcare is welcoming your family members and keeping them informed about your care and condition. From volunteers to hospitalists, we’re here to answer questions and provide a host of guest amenities including

  • chapel and visiting chaplains
  • cafeteria serving breakfasts and lunches
  • vending and ATM machines
  • free internet, television and telephone access

Having a hometown hospital can really make a difference

We’re proud to be a part of this wonderful community. Many of the doctors, nurses and staff members at ETMC Henderson don’t just work here – we live here, too. That makes providing personal, high-quality healthcare for our friends and neighbors in Rusk and surrounding counties very important to us.

To learn more, call ETMC Henderson at 903-657-7541.