ETMC Henderson imaging services

Get the latest imaging technology without leaving Rusk County

Procedures such as digital mammograms, 64-slice CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds are all essential for assessing health and making a proper diagnosis. So when your doctor orders tests that involve imaging services, ETMC Henderson is the place to be. We’ve invested in our technology so you don’t need to travel far for the diagnostics you need – it’s all right here.

“We care about each and every patient who comes through the door. We want to be caregivers, but we also want to treat them as friends. If we explain everything from the time they get here until the time they leave, they feel better about the tests they just had.”
– Jimmie Taylor, RT(R), radiology technologist

ETMC Henderson imaging services


The radiology department at EMTC Henderson is open 24/7 for emergencies, with convenient on-site scheduling for non-emergency assessments. Our services include the following:

  • Bone density scans – Also known as DXA scans, this enhanced form of X-ray technology is used to measure bone loss and is particularly useful in detection of osteoporosis and other bone issues.
  • Calcium scoring – This screening exam of the heart is especially helpful for people with a family history of cardiovascular disease and uses a noninvasive CT scan to gather information about the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries in order to determine risk of heart attack. ETMC offers calcium scoring at the special low price of $75, with or without a physician referral.
  • CT scans – Our 64-slice CT scanner is equipped with iDose radiation reduction software, which calculates and delivers the lowest dose of radiation possible for individuals based on their weight and age. CT scanning shows detailed 3-D images of the brain, heart, lungs and other organs, lymph nodes, soft tissues, bones and blood vessels in order to detect blood clots, fractures, tumors and the presence of disease.
  • Digital mammography – Essential in the early detection of breast cancer, mammograms done with digital technology allow our fellowship-trained diagnostic radiologist at the ETMC Breast Center to capture and manipulate images in order to check for breast abnormalities and tumors.
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) – Our Ingenia MRI provides more comfort for patients who need extra space or who feel closed in by traditional MRI machines. One of the most sophisticated diagnostic tools, MRIs use a large magnet, radio waves and a computer to produce extremely precise images of tissue inside the body. MRIs detect injuries to the muscles, joints and spine; brain and nervous system diseases; and tumors, bleeding, infection or diseases of the blood vessels.
  • Nuclear medicine – This form of testing requires a low-dose radioactive tracer to be injected into the blood stream to check the function of a specific organ or area of the body with the purpose of identifying cancer, diseases and disorders or to check the response of the body to certain medical treatments. Radioactivity typically dissipates 24 hours after the test. Among the more common nuclear medicine tests performed at ETMC Henderson are

– Cardiac stress testing, often prescribed to check for blockages in the coronary arteries or to guide treatment if you’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition.

– HIDA (hepatobiliary) scans, specifically used to diagnose problems of the gallbladder, bile ducts and liver.

  • Ultrasound and echocardiography – Our registered and certified staff is proficient in performing echocardiogram and arterial, abdominal and pelvic exams using this imaging method, which allows internal organs and other structures to be observed by transmitting sound waves into the body.
  • X-ray imaging – X-rays are pictures of the inside of your body that appear on the screen as shades of black and white. Commonly used to check bones for breaks and osteoporosis, X-rays also are used to find tooth decay, pneumonia, arthritis, infections, digestive problems, enlarged heart and certain cancers.

Patient safety is always a priority at ETMC Henderson

Our imaging techniques are designed with your safety in mind. Our technologists have specialized training and are certified with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. We use sophisticated techniques to reduce radiation levels emitted by certain machines and to decrease the impact of contrast dyes required for some procedures. Of course, sterilization is always a priority as well. Please feel free to ask the ETMC Henderson staff about any safety concerns you might have.

Convenient imaging care right here in Henderson

Providing a convenient and positive imaging experience is important at ETMC Henderson. “Convenience is what we want to provide for our patients – from the time they schedule, to when they arrive for their appointment to the time they leave,” said radiology technologist Jimmie Taylor. This means we’ll try to schedule all of your appointments together whenever possible. In addition, all studies are reviewed by a radiologist and reports are often ready the same day of your appointment.

Diagnostic imaging helps save lives

Imaging procedures are generally noninvasive and painless – and crucial to detecting health problems at their earliest and most treatable stages. If you have health concerns, call 903-655-6536 to make an appointment at our ETMC First Physicians clinic.