ETMC Henderson emergency center

Choose ETMC Henderson for 24/7 emergency and trauma care

The emergency department at ETMC Henderson is designated as a Level IV trauma center by the state of Texas because of its ability to provide advanced trauma life support (ATLS). This includes evaluation, stabilization and diagnostic capabilities for sick and injured patients, along with the ability to stabilize and then transfer them to a higher level of trauma care, if necessary.

Treatment for emergencies both major and minor

At ETMC Henderson, all elements are in place to treat your emergency including

  • physicians and nurses with advanced life support training, so that patients can receive immediate and appropriate care
  • private treatment rooms
  • laboratory services on-site
  • diagnostic services featuring X-ray, ultrasound, Holter monitor ECG, nuclear medicine, 64-slice CT with iDose radiation reduction software and digital MRI
  • splinting cart for broken bones
  • transfer to a higher level of care, such as the ETMC Level I Trauma Center in Tyler, if needed

Emergency means care starts as soon as possible

Because your emergency is our emergency, we take patients directly to treatment rooms as soon as possible after checking in. If all rooms are full, you will receive one when it becomes available. Please know that in case of a trauma or life-threatening situation, treatment always begins immediately.

“The quicker you get medical care in an emergency, the better your outcome will be. And if you get care locally, your outcome is even better. The physicians and the nursing staff in our emergency department provide excellent care and they do their best to provide it as rapidly as possible.”
– Jacob Brown, MD, emergency department medical director

Get here safely by calling 911 immediately when the emergency is serious

In the case of heart attack, stroke, extreme illness or traumatic injury, please call 911. Never try to drive yourself to the emergency department. If you have questions about emergency care at ETMC Henderson, please call 903-657-7541.