Surgical oncology


ETMC system provides a spectrum of surgical options

Surgical procedures to treat cancer are carried out primarily at the flagship hospital, ETMC Tyler. However, when it’s more convenient for the patient and the procedure is appropriate, surgeries are often performed in hospitals throughout the East Texas region.

All surgical services at ETMC facilities are provided by highly qualified surgeons assisted by a team of trained and experienced professionals who are committed to the highest quality of care. The state-of-the-art regional referral center in Tyler is equipped with imaging integration technology, providing real-time images during procedures.

We also believe in maximizing the level of surgical services available in the smaller East Texas communities we serve. For example, after opening the new ETMC Pittsburg in 2009, we recognized the growing demand and expanded the hospital’s surgery department by 5,000 square feet. And in our Jacksonville and Henderson hospitals the surgical departments have added state-of-the-art operating room tables for anterior hip surgery.

Cancer surgeries may be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis, and as a general surgery, performed by surgeons with broad-based training and experience, or as a specialized procedure. These specialized procedures may include

  • CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery, available through a collaborative effort between Tyler Neurosurgical Associates and the ETMC Regional Healthcare System. The CyberKnife system uses 3-D imaging to target tumors with submillimeter accuracy and then delivers a very high dose of radiation to a tumor while sparing nearby normal tissue. It even adjusts for the patient’s breathing. There is no incision, no anesthesia, no pain, no overnight hospital stay. It is used to treat prostate cancer and tumors in the lung, head, chest, spine and abdomen.
  • The da Vinci Surgical System features a 3-D high-definition vision system coupled with flexible instruments that enhance the surgeon’s vision and precision of movement. It helps surgeons perform some minimally invasive surgical procedures where it simply wasn’t possible before. Doctors at ETMC Tyler use it for colorectal surgery, hysterectomy and prostatectomy.

For more information on surgical offerings at the ETMC Cancer Institute, call 903-595-5550.