Patient navigation


Simply hearing the words, “It is cancer,” can have a profound effect on a patient, family and friends. Whatever is said next may become lost in a cloud of anxiety and confusion. At the ETMC Cancer Institute, we understand.

That’s why we provide cancer patients with patient navigators – nurses who are assigned to help patients through the various departments of the hospital involved in testing, diagnosing and treating the disease. When cancer treatment seems like a maze, the patient navigator serves as a guide.

“It’s kind of like one nurse will take care of you from beginning to end,” said Regina Davis, director of the ETMC Breast Center. “If the physicians decide that this patient needs a surgical consult and radiation oncology, the patient navigator follows through with setting the patient up for all those stops they have to make in their treatment plan.”

As a kind of liaison between the patient and the hospital, the patient navigator helps the patient make appointments, manage referrals, answer questions and steer patients and family members toward the many programs available to help, from KnowledgeFirst presentations to clinical trials to support groups.

For more information on patient navigators, call the ETMC Cancer Institute at 903-595-5550.

davis“It’s kind of like a one-stop shop. To me it’s like pushing the easy button.”

– Regina Davis, director, ETMC Breast Center