Lung nodule program

Created to evaluate risk and save lives

The ETMC lung nodule program was designed to gather a multidisciplinary team to provide expert evaluation, early diagnosis and timely treatment of nodules detected in the lung.

Our healthcare specialists use evidence-based guidelines in their evaluations and conduct weekly meetings to review the courses of treatment that are customized for each individual patient. We provide specialized and coordinated patient care that results in improved clinical outcomes.

Lung nodules should be tested

All lung nodules should be evaluated to determine if the mass is cancer, represents a precancerous condition or may be cancer spreading from another part of the body.

Most nodules are not cancerous and can be traced to a number of benign conditions, including infections or scars. The nodule may have been in the lung for years without causing any symptoms.

Initial evaluations may include

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Breathing test
  • Evaluation by a lung specialist
  • Plan for follow-up monitoring

Some patients may receive a periodic series of CT scans to detect a growing nodule, which may indicate a possible cancer. The physician will take into account whether the patient is at higher risk for lung cancer.

Customized treatment

Each patient in the program receives optimal, customized treatment based on thorough examination by the ETMC multidisciplinary team of specialists. Patients are offered access to the latest clinical trials.

This program is designed to simplify the process for the patient, eliminating unnecessary office visits and duplicated procedures while ensuring timely follow-up and optimal care.

On the multidisciplinary team

Experts from pulmonology, diagnostic radiology, diagnostic pathology, medical oncology, thoracic surgery and radiation oncology collaborate on the patient’s individualized care plan.

Lung nurse navigator obtains background information from the patient’s referring physician before the first visit. This helps coordinate care from diagnosis through treatment and enables the patient to focus on recovery and healing.

Hallmarks of the ETMC lung nodule program

  • Prompt scheduling of initial visit
  • On-site CT scanning with same-day interpretation
  • Timely assessment, diagnosis and recommendations
  • Management of follow-up visits
  • Coordination of care with multiple specialists
  • Ongoing communication with referring physician
  • Patient education