Inpatient care


Providing comfort and resources for patients and their families

Caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families is our goal at the EMTC Cancer Institute. This is especially important for people who are undergoing inpatient treatment.

Built in 2010, the oncology unit on 6 North at ETMC Tyler features a calm environment with 36 all-private rooms. A resource library provides books, pamphlets, health information and self-help materials. Magazines, games, music and other activities are also available.

Special support services at the ETMC Cancer Institute include nurse navigators, who are assigned to each individual and act as a liaison of sorts between the patient and the hospital. Also important in the process of coping with cancer are support groups and programs. Please visit our support services page for a list of group meetings, programs and activities that focus on fighting cancer.

content-cancer-home-stuart-headshot“We try to view this process as how a patient views it, and do what we’d want if we were in their shoes. That’s how we treat our patients.”
– Carla Stuart, RN, nurse manager