Cancer data services


When you become a patient at the ETMC Cancer Institute, in a sense you will always be in our care. That’s because staff members of the ETMC cancer data services department will continue to contact you regularly to monitor your progress, check for any recurrence and remind you of all needed follow-up.

What’s more, the database with your case history will join that of other cancer patients nationwide, the facts of your treatment joining the facts of theirs as they all contribute to promoting research and the continuity of best practices in quality care for cancer patients everywhere. Maintaining a case-specific database is a requirement of an accredited Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program, such as that of the ETMC Cancer Institute.

content-cancer-data-services-moore-headshot“When I’m entering cases, it’s not just a number to me.
That’s an individual who needs help getting through the system.
So it becomes personal.”

– Almarie Moore, CTR, manager of ETMC cancer data services

The data services department, sometimes called the cancer registry, tracks patients using a software program (IMPAC Medical Systems-METRIQ) especially designed to collect data on cancer patients while safeguarding the personal privacy of individual patients. Information includes demographic data, diagnostic findings, primary site of malignancy, histology, stage of disease, treatment and survival data. We report the statistical information to the Texas Department of State Health Services and to the National Cancer Data Base.

Personnel in the cancer data services department are active members in several professional societies, including the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) and Texas Tumor Registrars Association. They participate in continuing education programs, consultations, audits and conferences.

Almarie Moore, CTR, manager of ETMC cancer data services, reports that the department currently follows more than 13,000 patients, a number that will grow by more than 1,200 this year.

But she realizes these are more than numbers. As the mother of a young woman who is currently fighting cancer, Moore has a very personal understanding of the importance of her department’s contribution, and she appreciates the care and professionalism of the entire institute.

For more information on the cancer data services department of the ETMC Cancer Institute, please call 903-595-5550.