ETMC Cancer Institute

Life should not revolve around your cancer treatment.

With locations in Tyler and Athens, the ETMC Cancer Institute is home to the first cancer program in East Texas to receive approval from the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Commission on Cancer.

Our comprehensive program uses advanced technology to detect and treat disease. Each patient’s case is reviewed by an experienced panel of medical professionals, who develop a personalized treatment plan; each patient also receives extensive follow-up care and support.

We maintain a sophisticated registry and follow cancer patients for a lifetime. This information helps gain insight into cancer incidence and assess the effectiveness of various methods of cancer treatment.

The ETMC Cancer Institute also offers life-enhancing services including nutritional consultations, one-to-one counseling, support groups, spiritual guidance and more. For patients and loved ones coping with uncertainty, we offer hope and the opportunity to regain control of their lives.

“We offer the exact same treatments patients can get at a larger institution, but with a caring hand, a caring face and a caring smile. I think it makes a huge difference.”

– Carlo Demandante, MD, radiation oncologist

Mission Statement

The mission of the ETMC Cancer Institute is to prevent, detect and treat cancer with dedication to the health of the people of East Texas. To fulfill that mission we have created a cancer program that has no equal in our region, because the people of our region deserve no less.

We gang up on your cancer.

Weekly treatment planning conferences bring together a roomful of professionals from every area of cancer treatment and virtually every medical specialty to develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan.

content-cancer-lee-headshot“Coordinated review truly enhances patient care.”

– Arielle Lee, MD, oncologist/hematologist

We target your treatment.

The genetic makeup of your tumor can reveal specific mutations that allowed it to grow, giving us the ability to provide targeted treatments specific to those mutations. And we invest in leading-edge technology that attacks tumors with submillimeter accuracy – without attacking you. If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, BRCA testing is available to identify your risk for developing cancer and help you determine the best course of action.

content-cancer-klouda-headshot“We have the ability to look at the genetic makeup of the individual cancer cells, to tailor therapy to attack those cells.”

– Michael Klouda, MD, diagnostic radiologist

We do the navigating for you.

Our patient navigators coordinate every step of your diagnosis and treatment process, so you can spend less time making appointments and more time living life. And if the specific treatment or clinical trial that’s best for you is not offered here, we’ll help you find it.

content-cancer-home-stuart-headshot“We try to do what we would want if we were in your shoes.
That’s how we treat our patients.”

– Carla Stuart, RN, OCN, cancer nurse manager

We respect your time.

We try to avoid big gaps between scheduled treatments and appointments, even if that means reshuffling our schedule to accommodate yours. And we try to take as much waiting out of the waiting room as possible.

“We try to give our patients more time – not only time to live,
but time not being at the doctor’s office.”

– Bruce Ellerin, MD, radiation oncologist

We never stop caring.

We look at the impact of your cancer diagnosis on every area of your life, and try to make sure you have all the support you need to manage stress and enjoy a happy and healthy recovery. And once your treatment is completed, our team continues to follow up with you and your physicians to see how you’re doing – not just for a while but for life.

content-cancer-data-services-moore-headshot“Patients are excited that someone from the facility that diagnosed
and treated them cared enough to call.”

– Almarie Moore, CTR, cancer data services manager

You are at the center of everything we do.

We do all of this not only to maintain our position as the first cancer program in East Texas to receive approval from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. We do it because, after all these years, it’s still true:

We treat cancer. We care for people.

To get a physician referral or ask a question, please call 903-595-5550.

Click here to view the 2017 ETMC cancer annual report.

For more information on clinical trials please contact the Hope Cancer Center of East Texas at 903-592-6152.