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The latest version of the ETMC app is now available. Download it here at the iTunes store.

What’s New in This Version?
More information is available when viewing a physician or sharing a physician by email.
General App Store description of the app…
Need to find convenient medical care? Wherever you are in East Texas, ETMC is near you.
Get directions, phone numbers and other information about our hospitals, physicians, fitness and rehabilitation centers, emergency departments and more. Track medications and improve your emergency preparedness.

Major features:

  • ETMC accepts most insurance. Quick-dial to find out if you’re covered.
  • Search by city or specialty for primary care doctors and specialists near you.
  • Find hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care centers and other facilities based on their city or the services they provide. Sort the results by alphabetically or by distance from your current location.
  • Share physician or location information by text or email.
  • Add any physician or location to your “favorites,” so you can access them quickly in the future.
  • Find links to important ETMC online feature like paying your medical bills and contacting your physician.
  • Provide app feedback directly to ETMC from within the app.

Medication features:

  • Track over-the-counter and prescription medications for yourself and your loved ones. Your medication list is not shared with ETMC.

Emergency features:

  • Quickly share your approximate location by text or email.
  • Learn how to set up your medical ID to help first responders provider the most appropriate care.
  • Add emergency contacts from your contact list.
  • Access helpful emergency medical information including many emergency conditions and treatment options.
  • Quickly dial many national emergency hotlines.
  • Find out when to visit an urgent care center vs an ER.
  • Use your iPhone’s location service to help you find approximate distance and drive times to the closest ETMC facility or emergency location that meets your needs.

Once you have had a chance to use the ETMC mobile app, be sure to let us know how we can make it better by filling out the iPhone app experience form.

Thank you,

The ETMC web and app development team.