Today’s medical technology provides physicians with exciting new vistas to help them understand your body’s condition and allow them to diagnose and treat many conditions like never before. The ability to see the inner workings of human anatomy–safely and non-invasively–is one of those modern miracles we often take for granted.

Because diagnostic imaging is so important, ETMC strives to provide the imaging services you need close to home.  Our highly trained and accredited staff members and radiologists work together across the region, utilizing leading-edge technology to provide the information your physician needs to determine the cause of your health problem.

The pages on the imaging section of our website provide information on the major imaging services offered by ETMC. Not all services are available at each ETMC facility. Each sub-section of our imaging site will help you understand which services are available in each of our facilities.

For more information on imaging procedures, you can click here to visit the Radiological Society of North America’s comprehensive guide.