Health tips

Try these simple, healthy upgrades today!

At ETMC, we believe that part of caring for East Texas is offering you simple ways to stay healthy. It may seem easy to fall into bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. But it’s also easy to pick up good habits of eating right, sleeping well and getting regular exercise. Give these upgrades a try – you’ll like feeling healthy!

Exercise increases your energy level

Regular exercise is not so much about getting a great beach bod as it is about helping you feel energized and comfortable in your own skin. You just need to make it part of your daily routine.

Join a gym and go regularly. Enroll in fitness or dance classes. Visit a park often. Use the stairs instead of an elevator whenever you can, and take a brisk walk over lunch or between classes. Take your dog for frequent walks.

Exercising regularly will enhance your immune system, improve your muscle strength and boost your brain function.

Reduce stress in your daily life

Keeping your stress level balanced is key. If you feel alone in the world or that life is overwhelming, you may need to readjust your stress level.

Prioritize healthy relationships in your life, and surround yourself with positive people. Having meaningful conversations with a close friend can ease anxiety, as can writing in a journal. Rest your mind by reading or meditating. If something still bothers you, talk with someone you can trust.

You’ll discover that by reducing stress you will feel better and more ready to adopt other healthy habits.

Make it handy to reach for healthy foods

You probably already know the junk foods that you reach for most often. Make it a point to avoid those foods and replace them with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole-wheat grains.

Grab a drink of water instead of a sugary beverage, and have water all day. Infuse the water with fruits for flavor. Prepare meals in advance with healthy, right-sized portions. Keep a stash of ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables (carrots, sliced bell peppers, grapes, apple) for munching.

You’ll enjoy feeling better by maintaining a healthy weight and reducing your risk of chronic disease.

A better night’s sleep for a better quality day

Too many of us find ourselves yawning through our days or trying to catch up on missed sleep by hitting the snooze button one more time.

To help regulate your body’s internal clock, establish a consistent bedtime schedule. Reduce caffeine in the evening. Before bed, set out the next day’s clothes and pack your lunch. Go to bed earlier. Don’t watch TV while you fall asleep, and disable autoplay on your streaming apps. Wake up at the same time every morning, including weekends, and start the new day with exercise.

You’ll find you have more energy during your days and you’ll be more alert and productive.

Never stop learning about your health

With every passing year your body is undergoing changes. Most of these changes are small, but some can be significant. You need to learn about and deal with those changes. Not by sharing on Facebook, but by getting to know your primary care physician.

Talk with parents, aunts and uncles to learn about your family’s medical history. When visiting your primary care physician, bring detailed notes of any health ailments. And always familiarize yourself with your health insurance coverage – where it’s accepted, what’s not covered and what is.

Video tips from ETMC

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