Abdominal aortic aneurysm – Dr. Edwin Duncan

Behavioral health overview – Sandie Brazil-Hamilton

Benefits of a Level 1 Trauma Center – Dr. Stephen Gale

BRCA gene testing for cancer – Dr. Michael Klouda

Cardiac catheterization lab procedures – Dr. Frank Navetta

Deep brain stimulation surgical aspects – Dr. Mark Renfro

Diabetic foot care – Dr. Robert Boudreau

Diagnostic imaging – Bill Tobin

Digital mammography and breast cancer – Dr. Michael Klouda

Epilepsy – Dr. Gina Jetter

Fecal incontinence – Dr. Rebecca Cali

Flu and pneumonia – Dr. Perry Wallach

Gallbladder surgery using the da Vinci single-site system – Dr. David Young

Heart attacks and emergency care – Dr. Robert Creath

Hip pain and hip replacement surgery – Dr. Joseph Conflitti

Hip replacement surgery options – Dr. Todd Parrish

Inpatient treatment for alcohol and chemical dependency – Arlene Green

Kidney cancer – Dr. Steven Potter

Kidney transplant – Dr. Steven Potter

Menopause and other women’s topics – Dr. Adam Newman

Obesity and weight loss surgery – Dr. Hugh Babineau

Outpatient day treatment for adults (behavioral health) – Rachel Cox

Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders – Dr. George Plotkin

Shoulder replacement surgery – Dr. Scott Devinney

Sleep disorders and treatment – Dr. Ketan Patel

Strokes – Dr. Allison Hennigan

Surgical treatment for lung cancer – Dr. Vivek Patel

Treatment of heart rhythm disorders – Dr. Raul Torres-Heisecke

Treatment of heart valve disorders – Dr. Vivek Patel