Health education

At ETMC, we are devoted to caring for you when you’re ill, of course. But we also want to give your information and help to stay healthy. That’s why many of our departments provide educational programs, classes and other opportunities to help you lead a healthier lifestyle or better understand illnesses and treatments.

Cancer, Genetics and You

What every woman should know about how genetics is changing female cancer detection and care

Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017                              

11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

CrossWalk Conference Center

Tyler, Texas

Click here to learn more and signup online.

KnowledgeFirst forums

ETMC KnowledgeFirst provides regularly scheduled opportunities for you to hear presentations from physicians in many specialties. The medical professionals leading these forums discuss some of the latest health breakthroughs and answer your questions.

Diabetes University

Our diabetes experts provide regular, two-part educational opportunities that help those living with diabetes gain a better understanding of the disease, medications, diets and much more that helps in living well with diabetes.

For more information call, 903-531-8890.

Children’s swimming classes

Offered year-round in our heated Olympic Center pool, these classes help get young people started with swimming fundamentals.

First Physicians Minutes archive

These 60-second segments feature with patients and physicians and focus on a variety of health topics.

Fitness TV

Improve your workout with these informational how-to videos from experts at the ETMC Olympic Center.


Informational videos featuring some of the physicians who practice at ETMC. Many are leaders in their specialties, and they offer straightforward information that helps patients gain a better understanding of procedures and treatments.