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ETMC Tyler has 24/7 interventional neuroradiology care

Time won’t wait for patients experiencing the signs of stroke. And at ETMC Tyler they won’t have to wait – because we have an experienced team of interventional neuro- radiologists who offer around-the-clock care at the first certified primary stroke center in East Texas.

ETMC Tyler follows stroke protocols and offers the most advanced care

  • Thrombolytic therapy, including tPA to break down blood clots and restore blood flow
  • The Penumbra system, using X-ray guidance to locate clots, break them up and then suction them away
  • Stent retrievers, used to navigate blood vessels in the brain and then find and remove clots
  • Coiling and catheter techniques to interrupt blood flow and starve tumors that may be causing stroke symptoms
  • A dedicated neurology ICU with nurses specially trained in stroke care

ETMC Tyler is the first primary stroke center to be certified in East Texas, with the most recent recertification occurring in September 2015. An experienced team of interventional neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and neurologists are standing by to offer patients the most advanced stroke care available.

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Talk to the director of the ETMC neurological Institute, Lisa Hutchison

Melissa Sikes, director of provider relations, will be happy to visit with you and discuss what you need from the interventional neuroradiology care team at ETMC Tyler.


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