Rules and regulations

All ETMC Olympic Center (ETMCOC) members and guests agree to abide by the posted rules and regulations. ETMCOC management reserves the right to revoke membership privileges for disregard of rules and regulations. Rules and regulations will be posted in the facility.

General Guidelines

  1. Independent Access: For member and employee safety, ETMCOC staff members are not permitted to physically assist members with the use of any equipment or facilities on the ETMCOC premises.  Members must be able to independently gain access to the facility, access freely onto and off of exercise equipment, utilize the equipment as it was designed for use and ambulate in and out of pools, showers and locker room facilities.  If this is not possible, a personal assistant may be used.
  2. Risk of Use: All members and guests use the ETMCOC at their own risk.  The ETMCOC is not responsible for any pre-existing conditions or injuries, or injuries sustained while using the center.  We strongly encourage prospective members to obtain physician clearance before beginning an exercise program at the ETMCOC.
  3. Age Requirement: All members and guests must be at least 16 years of age unless participating in a special program.  Primary members must the parent or legal guardian of dependent members under the age of 18.  Members 16-17 years of age must be accompanied to the center by an adult.  Children accompanying members to the center are not allowed in fitness areas and must be seated in a designated seating area.
  4. Guest Policy: Guests must be 16 years of age and provide a valid picture ID, complete a guest registration form and pay a guest fee prior to using the facility.  Guests 16-17 years of age must be accompanied to the center by an adult.  Guest passes do not include a fitness assessment and exercise prescription.  If these services are desired, the guest should consult with a fitness staff member.
  5. Payment of Dues: A member’s obligation to pay monthly dues is not dependent on their usage of or availability of the ETMCOC facilities or equipment.  Special programs, seminars, educational events, and/or facility maintenance and repair may make it necessary for the ETMCOC to restrict use of equipment or one or more areas of the facility or to temporarily close the facility, which will not reduce or suspend a membership obligation for payment of dues.  It is our intent to notify members of these situations as far in advance as possible.
  6. Membership Privileges: Tyler Olympic Center memberships are valid at all ETMCOCs.  Memberships at Cedar Creek Lake, Chandler, Hide-Away-Lake, Jacksonville, Lake Palestine, and Pittsburg are valid at all other facilities except Tyler.  Memberships at Canton and Mineola are valid at those two sites only.
  7. Check-in: For the safety and security of all, proof of membership or program participation is required for facility access. All members must check-in using either the membership computer or the sign-in sheet. Members observed not checking in will be asked to do so to verify membership.  Members who refuse to check in are subject to membership revocation.
  8. Member Conduct:  The ETMCOC is meant to be a place of enjoyment for our members and guests.  All guests should treat each other with respect and expect to be treated as such.  Harassment of guests and staff, inappropriate behavior and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.  Management reserves the right to ask disruptive members to leave the premises and to revoke membership privileges if deemed necessary.
  9. Appropriate Use of Equipment:  All new members are encouraged to participate in a fitness assessment and equipment orientation.  Exercise equipment should be used according to its intended purpose and design.  The ETMCOC reserves the right to prohibit members from using equipment incorrectly and using equipment that increases risk of injury.
  10. Member Safety: Members and guests should observe all posted signs and exercise caution when using fitness equipment.  Members and guests should report any accidents at the ETMCOC to a staff member immediately.   The ETMCOC reserves the right to call for emergency services if a member becomes ill or injured on the premises.  The ETMCOC reserves the right to exclude any person who presents a health or safety concern to himself/herself or others utilizing the facilities.
  11. Equipment Etiquette: Members should rack all weights, return all equipment to its designated place and wipe down equipment when done.  Members should also avoid dropping weights on the floor.  Equipment may not be reserved and members are expected to be courteous to others allowing for equal access.
  12. Personal Training: ETMCOC fitness staff is available for personal training services. Use of non-ETMCOC trainers in the facility is strictly prohibited.
  13. Group Exercise Classes: Class participants are expected to arrive before the class begins. Members arriving after classes have begun are asked to be respectful to the instructor and other participants and minimize disruption while getting in place. Participants are required to follow class routines and teacher instruction.  Classes and instructors are subject to change.  Group fitness activities may only be led by ETMCOC employees.
  14. Valuables and Personal Property: The ETMCOC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.  Members are discouraged from bringing valuables into the center. Lost and found inquiries should be made through the Receptionist Desk.  Lost and found items are retained for a maximum of 30 days.
  15. Photography:  Photographs may not be taken anywhere at or on the property of the ETMCOC without the express written consent of ETMCOC management.
  16. Locker Rooms: Lockers are for day use only.  Members must exchange their member card for a locker key and keys must be returned upon leaving the facility.  Management will remove articles left in lockers overnight. Locker rooms are accessible during facility operating hours unless otherwise noted.  All guests must vacate the locker rooms by the facility closing time.
  17. Towels: Towels are provided for the convenience of ETMCOC members. Towel shortages may occur from time to time so members are encouraged to bring their own towels.  Olympic Center towels must remain in the facility and should be returned to a soiled linen container after use.  Members should limit themselves to two towels.
  18. Alcohol and Tobacco Products: Alcohol, tobacco products (including smokeless products) and electronic cigarettes are prohibited in the Olympic Center.
  19. Food and Drink: Food, drink (with the exception of water), and candy are not permitted in the fitness area, pool or locker rooms. Glass bottles are not allowed.
  20. Member Hygiene: Members should practice good personal hygiene by showering regularly and wearing laundered clothing in order to avoid offensive odors. Members should shower before entering the pool. Members should also be sensitive to those with allergies and avoid applying strong perfumes, colognes and lotions.
  21. Appropriate Attire:
  • Appropriate attire is solely at the discretion of ETMCOC employees.  Any member or guest considered to not be modestly dressed, according to management, will be respectfully asked to change.
  • A shirt & shoes must be worn at all times in the fitness area.
  • Open-toed shoes are strongly discouraged while exercising in the fitness area.
  • Aqua shoes are strongly recommended in the pool and locker room areas.
  • Appropriate swimming attire is required including traditional trunks or shorts for men and a one-piece or modest two-piece for women. A dark shirt and dark shorts are recommended for participants that do not have a swimsuit.
  • Participants wearing swimsuits must have a proper “cover-up” when outside the pool area.
  • No one wearing a swimsuit only will be allowed in the lobby, hallways, fitness area or group fitness studio.

Aquatics Specific Guidelines

  1. Use of the pool is limited to ETMCOC members, paying guests, rehabilitation patients and those participating in ETMCOC programs.
  2. Lifeguards are not always on duty.  Patrons will use the pool at their own risk.
  3. All patrons must take a cleansing soap shower before entering the pool.
  4. Patrons must dry off thoroughly before exiting the aquatics area.
  5. The Aquatics Manager, aquatic staff, and plant engineering are responsible for the operation of the pool.  Their instructions must be followed at all times.  Should a disagreement arise, patrons are advised to contact the Aquatics Manager.
  6. The pool may be closed when deemed necessary for the health, welfare, or safety of its patrons.  In these instances, use of the pool is strictly prohibited.
  7. All physical property will be maintained by the aquatic staff or plant engineering personnel.  Patrons are not permitted to tamper with equipment.
  8. Family members or spectators are requested to use the area designated by staff to observe the pool.
  9. Any person having a skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, communicable disease, incontinence or who has an open wound such as blister or cut will not be permitted in the pool.  See the outpatient rehabilitation policy and procedure for detailed absolute and relative contraindications for pool usage.
  10. Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, urinating, or depositing foreign matter in the pool is prohibited.
  11. No exercises or stretching activities will be permitted on or around pool/spa decks.  All exercise activities shall occur in water.
  12. Improper conduct causing undue disturbances in or about the pool area or any acts which would endanger any patron is prohibited.
  13. Use of the hot water spa is limited to 15 minutes per individual.
  14. Ladders, steps and ramps should be used when entering and exiting the water.
  15. Eyeglasses are not permitted in the pool unless secured.
  16. Personal electronic devices/appliances are not allowed in the aquatics area.
  17. Diving, breath holding games/activities, and underwater swimming are not allowed.
  18. Pool temperatures will be maintained in the following ranges: Therapy pool – 92-96 degrees; Whirlpool – 101-104 degrees; lap pool – 82-88 degrees.  The temperature in each pool will be reviewed by aquatic staff on a daily basis.

Amendments to Rules and Regulations

Use of the ETMCOC is subject to posted guidelines established by ETMCOC management.  The guidelines stated here are not all-inclusive.  Amendments may be made to the guidelines at any time as deemed necessary.  For all questions regarding interpretation of our guidelines, the decision of ETMCOC management is final.