Member results

An important part of the medical fitness difference at the ETMC Olympic Center is our focus on member outcomes. State-of-the-art equipment, great classes and friendly staff are important parts of any health and fitness center experience, but what really matters is results. Are members meeting their health and fitness goals, such as decreased weight, body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol and improving aerobic fitness, muscular strength and flexibility?


The purpose of this outcomes page is to regularly quantify the improvements our members and program participants are experiencing. We hope that it helps you further understand our mission and the effectiveness of our programs, as well as provides you with motivation for improving your own health and fitness!

Updated! Tyler Olympic Center members – 2016

This is a summary of the fitness assessment results from members who completed a re-assessment during the fourth quarter of 2016 within 3-6 months of their most recent fitness assessment.

  • Resting heart rate – decrease of 5.0%
  • Body fat – decrease of 5.0%
  • Lower back flexibility – increase of 9.0%
  • Aerobic fitness – increase of 6.0%
  • 6-minute walk – 9.0% increase

Lite-4-Life participants – 2016 session 2

These are fitness assessment results from participants in the most recent session of Lite 4 Life, a ten week healthy lifestyle program held at the Tyler Olympic Center.

  • Total cholesterol – decrease of 9.2%
  • Systolic blood pressure – decrease of 5.0%
  • Diastolic blood pressure – decrease of 3.0%
  • Body fat – decrease of 3.7%
  • Weight – decrease of 2.0%
  • Biceps strength – increase of 31.3%
  • Aerobic fitness – increase of 6.0%
  • Back flexibility – increase of 15.4%

To schedule your reassessment, speak with a fitness team member at your local ETMC Olympic Center. All information collected from our fitness assessments is completely confidential.