Fitness assessment & exercise prescription

Our credentialed exercise specialists offer two introductory sessions to help new members start a safe and effective exercise program to help them meet their health and fitness goals.  The first session involves a fitness assessment and cardio training orientation.  The assessment consists of a variety of tests designed to determine your current fitness level.  Tests include resting heart rate and blood pressure, height and weight, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility.

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The exercise specialist will use results from the assessment to develop a personalized cardiovascular training exercise prescription.  They’ll discuss the principles of exercise training and show you the correct way to operate our cardiovascular equipment.

During the second session the exercise specialist will orient you to a personalized strength training regimen during which they will discuss the principles of resistance training and orient you to our strength training equipment and other exercises that will be part of your resistance training program.

Furthermore, staff is always available on the fitness floor to help you with equipment and questions regarding your program. If your workout needs a tune up, or you just need to be refreshed on your current routine, sign up for a re-assessment every three to six months for no fee.

Please speak with a fitness team member at your Olympic Center to schedule your fitness assessment.

This service is available at the ETMC Olympic Centers at: