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Our patients come first

Every day, caring professionals make a lifesaving, life-enhancing difference by putting patients first at ETMC hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities and specialty centers across East Texas. We live our mission of improving the quality of life in East Texas communities by striving to give the highest possible level of care to everyone who comes through our doors, and ETMC patients and their families see the results of our devotion to that mission each and every day. Together, we write the story of caring for the people of our region through the first person stories we share.

Our featured first person story took place on Christmas Eve, 2015. It’s a remarkable story of caregivers who refused to give up on a beautiful little boy, and the miraculous outcome that resulted. And while we are proud to say it happened at ETMC Jacksonville, we’re equally proud to say that it could have happened anywhere in the ETMC system.


Miracle at ETMC

It was 11 a.m. Dec. 24, 2015, when the call from EMS came into the emergency center at ETMC Jacksonville. “The report I got was, ‘We have a 2-year-old found drowned in a pool and we’re headed your way,’” said Amanda Parker, LVN, still emotional about the incident months later.

Toddler Bo Green was in Jacksonville visiting relatives with his parents, Jeremy and Ashley, from Florida, when he wandered off. “Dad found him, pulled him out and started CPR while another family member called 911,” Ashley said.

Emergency specialist Mark Shaw, MD, was on duty at ETMC that day. “When he came in, he wasn’t breathing on his own; he didn’t have a pulse; his pupils were fixed and dilated,” said Dr. Shaw.


Watch the amazing story, “A chance for Bo”

 While the family held a prayerful vigil in the waiting area, ETMC emergency team members worked for approximately an hour – more than double the normal time for conducting CPR. They also suctioned water from Bo’s lungs and applied heat to raise his core body temperature. “I just thought of it as being my son on that table and I wasn’t going to stop,” said Parker, who also has a toddler.

Then it happened. “The child moved his hands, his pupils became reactive and he started breathing some on his own. I can’t explain that medically,” said Dr. Shaw.

“It was definitely a Christmas miracle,” said Ashley. “We thank God for the people at ETMC. We are forever grateful.

Day by day, Bo continues to improve and grow. For more updates, you can follow his story on the Prayers for Bo Bailey Green Facebook page.


We salute those who helped save Bo’s life. The heroic efforts of the team have been recognized with an award from the DAISY Foundation for going above and beyond the traditional role of nursing.

Click here to learn more about ETMC’s commitment to emergency care.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Bo’s story, one that we feel fortunate to share. For more stories of courage and devotion, see the list of First Person stories at the right side of this page. And if someone at ETMC has made a positive difference in your life, we welcome you to share your story.