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Here you can read and watch personal accounts of people who’ve had experiences at ETMC that they wish to share with you.

Some are stories of life-changing personal journeys; some tell of frightening situations that were resolved by the capable and compassionate professionals at ETMC; some are simple words of gratitude and wisdom. All are heartfelt descriptions of real-life events.

We at ETMC are grateful for those who shared their medical experiences with us and their personal memories with you. A selection of featured stories appears below, and all ETMC First Person Stories are linked here.

ETMC fixed, and won, her heart

“I found out I needed open heart surgery at age 33. All I could think was, ‘I have my whole life ahead of me.’” Coretta Williams was born with a hole between the two upper chambers of her heart. Aside from a few incidents, it didn’t become a problem until later in life.

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It wasn’t pesticide. It was a heart attack.

When Richard Chandler of Athens found himself feeling ill while spraying his peach orchard, he thought he’d been poisoned by the pesticide. Actually it was a heart attack, as he later discovered from ETMC EMS paramedics.

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 ‘This genetic test caught my cancer at stage 1.’

Sheila Garrett of Henderson County always had an annual mammogram but recently decided to do genetic testing. “My mother had breast cancer in her late 50s, and my sister in her mid-30s had breast cancer. My test came back that I had the BARD1 gene that they don’t know a lot about.”

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Single-site surgery relieved her pain without scarring

Crystal Gounah of Kilgore had not only been healthy all her life, she stayed fit by dancing Zumba and working out at a gym at least four times a week. But that all changed around the end of April 2014. After losing 10 pounds in two weeks, missing work and suffering some awful nights – “I was just balled over crying in pain” – she visited her doctor.

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Emergency turns into miracle at ETMC Jacksonville

It was 11 a.m. Dec. 24, 2015, when the call from EMS came into the emergency center at ETMC Jacksonville. “The report I got was, ‘We have a 2-year-old found drowned in a pool and we’re headed your way,’” said an emotional Amanda Parker, LVN.

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No more tremors: ‘I don’t have fear of using my hands anymore.’

Todd Glass of Tyler suffered from essential tremors since he was a child. “My mother noticed it when I was 2 years old,” said Glass. “My hands would shake when I woke up from a nap.” He also had problems writing in school.

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‘I definitely recommend ETMC and it’s right here at home.’

“It started with me wrestling with some guys who are about half my age, and I fell the wrong way.” When he fell, Terry Baugh of Athens tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. For someone who is a competitive runner and avid outdoorsman, it was devastating news. “Everything I was used to doing came to an abrupt halt.”

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