Mission and values

ETMC mission

We continuously strive to bring an unmatched spirit of excellence to the art and science of healthcare. We measure our success by how our efforts improve the quality of life for people and communities in East Texas.

ETMC values

Total patient focus

We are devoted to the art of caring, for without compassion there is no power to heal. We are here for our patients, first and foremost.


We strive to meet the healthcare needs of our patients with personal attention, respect, encouragement and the highest ethical standards.


We are committed to the challenge of leadership, for it advances our quest on the leading edge of medical science. This leadership is reflected in our innovative programs and services, progressive facilities and visionary outlook of our people.


We are charged with the responsibility of stewardship, for this accountability protects and fosters our community’s health resources. Our not-for-profit status is fundamental to this role of selfless service to others.


We are a team of more than 7,000 people, striving to give the more than 300,000 East Texans we serve each year the kind of healthcare they deserve: care that is second to none.