ETMC wants to assist in the health education of our patients and their families by creating impactful infographics. These powerful digital tools provide numerous insights into specific questions, procedures and hot healthcare topics. Our goal is to translate complex healthcare information into simplified graphical snapshots that will leave you with a better understanding of how a disease can occur, be treated and possibly even prevented.

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 Health insurance 101

Familiarize yourself with these five important terms to better understand the basics of health insurance and how it works.

Is it a bacterial or viral infection?

Compare the condition you are experiencing with the possible cause; then what is the best treatment for you.

Appointment vs. Urgent Care vs. ER vs. 911

Sometimes it’s a bit confusing to know what is the best path when you need medical attention. This information will give you some guidelines to making the best decision to meet your need.

Is it a cold or flu?

Here is a quick look at some symptoms that can help you determine whether you might be facing a cold or the flu.

 What’s behind mental health?

Understand the facts and figures about your own mental well-being.

Identify the signs of a heart attack

Call 911 immediately if you experience any of these symptoms for more than five minutes and do not know the cause. Patients who are treated for a heart attack within one hour of the onset of symptoms are twice as likely to survive.

5 things to do when visiting the emergency room

Get tips to make your next ER experience better – and find out if you even to make the trip in the first place.

7 reasons weight-loss efforts fail

Discover what are the biggest obstacles to achieving your weight loss goals.