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ETMC: Dedicated to Community Benefits

The East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System was born out of a dream for a healthier East Texas. For more than 60 years, our not-for-profit system has studied the healthcare needs in the communities that we serve and then worked to meet those needs. It’s a mission of care that touches all who enter our doors.

ETMC works diligently to retain and grow essential medical services in spite of negative factors affecting the national healthcare environment, particularly in rural areas. Our legacy of care is founded on these factors:

We are a not-for-profit organization, committed to serving others.

We have a patient-centered philosophy. When the patient comes first, all else falls into place.

We believe in advancing healthcare in home communities to the highest level possible. In addition to primary and specialty medicine, this includes preventive care and wellness.

In 2012, ETMC representatives from throughout the region conducted a Community Health Needs Assessment for each ETMC hospital. Through data collection and informative interviews with community members from all walks of life, these assessments lay the groundwork for continued outreach.

ETMC exceeds the legal requirements for community benefits mandated by state and federal authorities for tax-exempt, not-for-profit healthcare organizations. Our system-wide community benefit expenditures in fiscal year 2012 were more than $41 million, as reported to the State of Texas.

For more information on the Community Health Needs Assessment process, we invite you to view the executive summaries of the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment reports. These reports, our community benefits plans and financial stewardship work together in ETMC’s dedication to the health of the people and communities of East Texas.

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