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Your Room

Your room at ETMC Tyler has been specifically designed for your comfort and convenience. All patient rooms are equipped with controls for a nurse-call intercom speaker, as well as television and radio.


Family and friends can reach your room by dialing 903-597-0351 and speaking with the hospital operator. They can also reach your room directly by dialing the number posted on the phone or white board in your room. If a number is not posted, please inform your nurse. If you are in an intensive care unit, a family member or friend must have a special code in order to speak with you or obtain any information over the phone.

You can place a local call by dialing 9, listening for the dial tone, and then dialing the
local number. The following options are available for placing long distance calls:

  1. To place a collect, credit card, or third party billing call, dial 9, listen
    for a dial tone and dial 0 for an outside operator to assist you with the call.
  2. To place a call using a calling card or prepaid card, dial 9, listen for
    the dial tone and then follow the directions on your calling card.
  3. For operator assisted calls, simply dial 0 for a hospital operator.

You may dial out at anytime; however, calls are not directed to your room before 6 a.m. or after 10 p.m.

During these hours, incoming calls are directed to the appropriate nursing unit and messages are delivered to, your room.

Mail and Flowers

Hospital volunteers deliver any mail you may receive during your stay mid-morning, Monday through Friday.

Parcels and special-delivery items are delivered as soon as they arrive. Flowers and balloon bouquets are delivered directly to your room as they arrive. Due to space limitations in the intensive care unit, and the fact that some patients may be bothered by
the fragrance of flowers, one small plant or balloon arrangement is allowed per
patient on this unit.


The ETMC Well Wishes program offers family members
and friends the opportunity to send e-mail messages to you during your stay. Senders
can fill out a Well Wishes form by visiting the ETMC web site at
and clicking on Patient E-mails. The form is located on a secure server and
every effort is made to ensure the privacy of submitted information. When your
e-mail is received, it is printed and hand delivered. ETMC staff members and volunteers
strive to deliver e-mails to patients as soon as they are received. However, e-mails
received over the weekend are delivered the following Monday, and those received
during evening hours are delivered the following day.

Patient Meal Service

Your physician will determine the type of meals you will be served. Depending on your
condition, your doctor may order a restricted or modified diet.

Each patient meal is personally served by a food service representative assigned to your area. He or she will offer our selection for each meal that meets the requirements of your
diet. If you would like another selection, please ask your representative. We
encourage you to call our kitchen directly using our MENU line. Just dial 6-MENU
(6-6368). We will try our best to meet your food service needs.

HIPAA Privacy
Because ETMC is concerned with protecting your private healthcare information,
we strictly abide by HIPAA. HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability
& Accountability Act of 1996. It is a set of federal standards developed by the
Department of Health and Human Services at the request of Congress. These standards
protect the confidentiality and integrity of individually identifiable health
information as well as require national standardization of electronic patient
health, administrative and financial data. Due to HIPAA, your private medical
information cannot be released without your prior consent.