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Changing Courses Fee

Consent Form

    A consent form is required for all Ropes participation. Download a .pdf version here.


    Special fee arrangements can be worked out for large groups. Our program is provided on a full-day or half-day basis.

    For-Profit Groups
    (Per Person)

    Full Day - $25 per person
    Full Day Plus Zipline - $30

    Half Day - $20 per person
    Half Day Plus Zip Line - $25 per person 

    Non-profit groups

    Full Day - $20 per person
    Full Day Plus Zip Line - $25 per person
    Half Day - $15 per person
    Half Day Plus Zip Line - $20 per person

    Additional rate information 
    Groups larger than 20, please call for pricing.

    Ten percent discount for ETMC groups.

    Please notify us if your group would like box lunches. These can be provided with sufficient notice at a cost of $7.25 per lunch.
    Call for additional discount information.

    For more information, please contact us at 903-266-2238, 903-266-2239 or 903-266-2200.

    Basic Guidelines

    When you participate in our program you must follow a few basic guidelines. These directions help assure safety and provide a better overall experience for each participant.

    You must be supervised by trained personnel at all times.

    All jewelry items should be kept to a minimum. Participants will be asked to remove all jewelry prior to being allowed to participate in activities.

    All participants should wear sturdy, comfortable, athletic footwear (tennis shoes, jogging shoes, etc.).

    Remove all sharp objects from your pockets (pens, pencils, keys, etc.). Large belt buckles should not be worn.

    Follow all supervisors' instructions and course safety rules at all times.

    Enjoy your experience, learn and have fun safely.

    Full Value Contract

      C - Challenge By Choice
      H - Honestly share my feelings
      A - Accept my strengths and weaknesses
      N - No self-negating
      G - Get the chance to learn more about myself and others
      E - Enjoy!

      Call the Changing Courses Ropes Program today at 903-266-2238 or 800-566-0088
       Fax 903-266-2396 (Attn: Activity Therapy)
      ETMC Behavioral Health Center
      410 University Blvd.
       Tyler, TX 75703