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Personal Training

Personal training services are supervised exercise sessions available for members who want more specific instruction outside the realm of a comprehensive general fitness program.  Personal training is delivered by a degreed and/or certified personal trainer and is usually obtained by members who have specific goals or needs such as:Personal Trainers

  • Sports training
  • Functional training
  • Weight loss
  • Balance improvement
  • Disease management
  • Private swim lessons
  • Individualized aquatic exercise
  • Pilates reformer (Tyler only)
  • Adding variety to your exericse program

Individual training

Individual training is one-on-one training between a client and personal trainer.  Packages of one, four and eight sessions are available.

30 minutes
One - $30
Four - $110
Eight - $200

60 minutes
One - $48
Four - $180
Eight - $330

Partner training

Partner training is available for two individuals who have similar goals and wish to train together.  Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are available in packages of one, four and eight sessions.

60 minutes
One - $35/individual
Four - $130/individual
Eight - $240/individual

Small group training

Small group training is designed to provide motivation, support, accountability and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals in a small group environment.  Train with friends, family, or co-workers and build camaraderie to creat a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.  Groups must consist of at least three participants and packages of one, four and eight sessions are available.

60 minutes
One - $15/individual
Four - $55/individual
Eight - $100/individual


Eight hours notice is required for cancellation of personal training sessions.  Otherwise, clients will be charged for the session.

If you are interested in personal training at the Olympic Center, please complete our personal training interest form and return it to a fitness team member.

NOTE: These services are not available at our centers in Canton, Mineola and Sulphur Springs.