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Nurse Tech Program


Program Description

The Nurse Tech Program was developed to allow nursing students an opportunity: Nurse Works With IV


  • To familiarize themselves to the hospital environment.
  • To gain more clinical experience and learn more nursing procedures.
  • To strengthen self confidence.
  • To interact with physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • To learn various disease processes.
  • To learn to operate various medical devices.
  • To expand clinical knowledge and skills.
  • To encourage post-graduation employment at East Texas Medical Center.

The Nurse Tech Program is under the direction of the Nursing Service Department. The director of education has overall responsibility for the program, to ensure that it meets the students' needs.

The nurse tech manager acts as a liaison between schools of nursing and nursing students, and facilitates the hiring process and other activities.

This program is also designed to help facilitate the transition of a student to a graduate nurse status.

The Nurse Tech Program offers nursing students the choice to float to all the clinical areas and/or to work in a specific unit (when available.)

Hiring Process - General Guidelines


  1. As an applicant, you are to fill out an application form at the Human resources Department at least two months before the end of a semester.
  2. The Human Resources Department will forward your completed application to the Professional Development Coordinator. The Professional Development Coordinator wll contact the applicant to set an appointment date for an interview.
    Requirement to bring
    • Letter from the school of nursing (letterhead) stating “the applicant has successfully completed the first, second or third semester of the LVN/ADN/BSN Program and is in good academic standing.”
    • Proof of current CPR status.

    3. After successfully passing the interview, drug screening must be performed. Drug
    screening results usually take 2-3 days to come in. No applicant is allowed to attend
    the Nurse Tech Orientation without the result of the drug screening.
    Drug screening is performed in the human resources department.

    4. The applicant is required to attend a two-day clinical orientation in addition to
    the Nurse Tech Orientation.

    5. The employee makes his/her own schedule utilizing BidShift. Hours are
    flexible and are meant to accommodate the student’s academic schedule. Shifts
    may include 12-hours, 8-hours or 4-hours in duration.

    For more information, call 903-747-4401.


Upon completion of the second semester of nursing school, there are requirements and changes to be made.

  1. Letter
    After you have successfully completed your second semester; secure a letter from the school stating that you have successfully met all requirements for the second semester of the first year of the nursing program. Send this letter to the Staff Development Coordinator.

  2. Change of Status
    Please make an appointment with the SDC to discuss the change of your status, your new job description and salary. Your status as a Nurse Tech II will remain until you graduate from nursing school.

  3. Clinical Orientation
    You will be scheduled for a 3-day clinical orientation before you can work on the unit as a Nurse Tech II.

  4. Skills Checklist
    A Nurse Tech II Skills Checklist will be given to you for completion. This should be completed as soon as possible and/or before your three-month performance evaluation.

  5. Performance Evaluation
    Again, please make an appointment for your three-month performance evaluation as a Nurse Tech II.

  6. Education Day
    Your change of status will not affect your anniversary (hire) date. Nurse Techs who are hired and work for a full year are required to attend the annual Education Day.
Additional Requirements
    All newly hired nurse techs will to a wo-day clinical orientation. Clinical orientation will be scheduled on the 7-3
    or 3-11 shift and during weekdays. A nurse tech cannot make his/her own schedule until after the clinical orientation.
    A one-year performance evaluation will be done on or about your anniversary (hire) date. This is required and will be
    part of your permanent record.
    Please notify the professional development coordinator if:

    A. You are no longer in nursing
    school due to any reason.
    B. You have a change of address or
    telephone number.
    C. You are unable to work due to
    school, personal commitments, etc.