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Nurse Education


The nursing profession is one of the most valuable resources in the healthcare community. The ETMC Nursing Education Department is pleased to offer programs which benefit those in the nursing profession or those preparing to enter the nursing field.

We invite you to learn more about our programs, and we welcome input from you on programs you would like to see at ETMC.

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Nurse Residency Program

The Registered Nurse Residency Program is designed to improve the overall skills and cognitive ability of the nurse who has recently entered or re-entered the nursing profession. The program is geared toward recruiting and retaining quality professional nurses.

The RNRP will enhance previous nursing knowledge/skills and will develop new skills and knowledge needed to perform their role as a Registered Nurse.

This six-month program will enable the nurse to transition from novice/student to a more proficient clinical practitioner. More

Nurse Tech Program

The Nurse Tech Program was developed to allow nursing students an opportunity:

  • To familiarize themselves to the hospital environment.
  • To gain more clinical experience and learn more nursing procedures.
  • To strengthen self confidence.
  • To interact with physicians and other health care providers.
  • To learn various disease processes.
  • To learn to operate various medical devices.
  • To expand clinical knowledge and skills.
  • To encourage post graduation employment at East Texas Medical Center.

This program is also designed to help facilitate the transition of a student to a graduate nurse status. The Nurse Tech Program offers nursing students the choice to float to all the clinical areas and/or to work in a specific unit (when available.)

Pathway to Excellence

ETMC Athens has earned the Pathway to Excellence designation awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

This award identifies ETMC Athens as a facility that has a work environment where
nurses can flourish.

Striving to provide the best environment for our nurses to
work is the foundation from which they can provide the best possible patient

The primary reason for ETMC’s success in creating this environment is that direct carenurses have been involved in every step of the process.