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Mobile Mammography

The Mobile Mammography Unit, a vital link in the ETMC Cancer Institute's comprehensive breast care program, serves ETMC clinics, business, industry and physician offices throughout the region with economical and accessible mammograms.

ETMC now provides digital mammography on the mobile unit. Digital mammography is one of the best tools available for early detection of breast cancer:
  • Sharper images than film
  • Computer enhancement to help detect signs of early cancer.
  • No waiting for film to be developed.
  • Ease in detecting abnormalities in dense breast tissue.

Mobile Mammography History 
Making its debut in 1996 was the ETMC mobile mammography unit, providing another valuable tool in raising community awareness about breast health and early detection of breast cancer. The unit, which serves all of East Texas, provides convenient screening mammography at businesses, community events and ETMC clinics and facilities throughout the region.
Approvals and Accreditation
The mobile mammography unit is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved, ACR (American College of Radiology) accredited and staffed by a certified mammography technologist. Each patient receives an individualized health profile assessment to identify breast cancer risk. As part of ETMC's crusade against breast cancer, a quality mammogram, breast health education, timely results, physician reporting and personal follow-up are provided for each patient.

The screening mammogram is available to women who meet the following screening criteria:
  • Age 35 or older
  • No breast problems such as a suspicious lump
  • No mammogram within the last 12 months
  • No breast implants
  • No breast surgery within the past year
  • No diagnosis of breast cancer within the past five years
To obtain a listing of dates that the unit will be in your area or to schedule an appointment, please call the ETMC HealthFirst line at 903-531-8890 or 800-648-8141.