What to expect on your first visit

  • You or your physician will call for the initial appointment. An appointment will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Bring all medications you are currently taking, including over-the-counter medications and a list of allergies with you on your first visit.
  • Bring insurance information for verification.
  • Your initial evaluation could take two hours. This time is spent taking a complete history and physical, wound evaluation, photographs, blood work and other non-invasive tests to assist in individualizing your treatment plan.
  • Consultation appointments with specialty physicians, surgeons, radiology and diabetes education departments or other services will be made based on your needs.

You: the key to success

Much of the success of your wound treatment depends on your level of commitment and participation. As an active member of your wound management team, you will need to follow directions carefully, watch your progress closely and keep your appointments.

Remember: your wound healing staff is available to answer any questions concerning your treatment program.

Preparing for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

CTA-video-wound-hboIf you’re preparing for hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the ETMC Wound Healing Center, please view this video to get an idea of what to expect. Stephen Rydzak, MD, FACP, our hyperbaric medical director, will provide an overview of your upcoming care. You’ll also find important safety information that will let you know how to dress for your treatments as well as other measures you should follow to assure an optimal experience. We look forward to serving you and to be a part of your healing.

Download forms

If you would like to save time on your first visit, you can download your patient history form and fill it out in advance. Just bring the completed form when you come to the ETMC Wound Healing Center.

Click here to download the ETMC Wound Center patient history form.