Family Birthplace in Tyler

At The ETMC Tyler Family Birthplace, we’re proud to share the experience of welcoming new lives into the world and to offer our special touch to the families who choose us.

Designed with the latest in medical technology as well as a beautiful setting, the ETMC Family Birthplace is devoted to providing the best for parents and their new arrivals. In addition to the setting, our maternity approach provides care with a devoted staff.

Every mother’s labor experience is different, even with each new baby. The nurse who accompanies you through your journey in labor and delivery plays a vital role in making this experience as comfortable as possible. At ETMC, you have the assurance of a highly specialized nurse or nurses working with you throughout labor and delivery.

Nurses work 12-hour shifts to help avoid a change in your primary nurse during the labor process. Following the birth of your baby, the nurses of the ETMC Family Birthplace continue to work with each family, providing care and helpful information regarding the recovery and health of both mother and child. The continuity of care throughout the hospital stay is one of the features that makes the Family Birthplace so special.


In fact, the ETMC Family Birthplace uses the LDRP concept in which the entire birthing process (labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum) takes place in the same room. Without having to move back and forth between rooms, the families enjoy a more pleasant birth experience. Our suites feature soft colors, oak woods and expansive windows. Each large room is private, with a television, stereo and bathroom with shower facilities.

The infant nursery and operating suites for Cesarean deliveries are also part of the Family Birthplace, making it the ultimate in comprehensive, family-center maternity care.

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