ETMC Transplant Center in Tyler

Your path to a better life

If you are suffering from renal failure, a kidney transplant can be a transforming gift. It’s an opportunity to leave behind a grueling routine of maintenance dialysis and return to a fulfilling life of restored health and productivity.

Since 1987, The ETMC Transplant Center in Tyler has helped over 600 patients follow that path. Our outstanding surgeon, Dr. Steven Potter, is supported by an experienced team of dedicated professionals to guide you through the process of education, preparation, transplant and recovery. From the time of referral, you become part of our family. We provide integrated care offering living kidney donation, living and deceased donor transplants, immunosuppression management, vascular access and post-transplant care.

We help you come to a decision about seeking a transplant, make sure you understand your options and help determine if a transplant is medically appropriate for your situation. We guide you through the uncertainties of waiting, provide information on maintaining your health and prepare you for the transplant procedure. After your transplant, we will continue to serve as your partner in recovery and rehabilitation. Our team will continue your follow-up in our post-transplant clinic to ensure continuity of care.

We serve the people of East Texas through cooperation with regional and national programs to promote organ donation and transplantation. We are approved by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), Medicare and Medicaid.

We have a partnership with Southwest Transplant Alliance, a leading organ procurement organization. We work closely with the East Texas Transplant Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to transplant recipients as well as supplying patient, professional and community education in the transplant field.