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Early Onset Parkinson Disease (EOPD) Support Group

East Texas Center for Independent Living (ETCIL)



The ETMC Rehabilitation Center treats patients with a team approach utilizing a carefully designed plan of care.

Following our stated mission, we record and analyze our performance in providing rehabilitative services. Results are available to the people of East Texas, people we are proud to serve.

The following examples are provided to describe characteristics of those we serve, and to measure our success in enhancing patients’ lives. We compare ETMC Rehabilitation Center’s outcomes with other rehabilitation hospitals in the region, including Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Number of persons served by the inpatient rehabilitation program967
Average age of those served73
Average length of stay for those served - in days14
Percent of those served who were discharged home70%
Percent of those served who sustained or improved after discharge93%
Percent of those served living at home 90 days after discharge86%
Percent of those served who were satisfied with their outcomes 90 days after discharge93%

Fracture lower extremity16%
Replace lower extremity joint12%
General rehab11%
Other orthopedic10%
Brain injury7%
Multiple trauma5%
Amputation lower extremity4%
Spinal injury3%