Cardiovascular surgery

Advancing surgical care for heart patients in East Texas

Heart surgery patients at ETMC benefit from the specialized facilities, extensively trained staff and unique design of the cardiac surgery suites. Increased safety is built into the floor plan of the ETMC Cardiovascular Institute. Two dedicated cardiac surgery suites are connected to the catheterization lab and the cardiovascular ICU. This arrangement saves time and improves the coordination of care for critically ill heart patients.



“It gives you that extra margin of safety. ETMC was committed to building a first-rate institution that gives first-rate care.”
– Stephen Sigal, MD, Cardiologist


content-cardiac-lee“We think it’s ideal, especially for sicker patients. The anesthesiologists, the cardiac surgeons and the cardiologist all really work together, and that seems to be a better system.”
– Charles Lee, MD, Cardiothoracic surgeon