Cardiac imaging


Advanced imaging technology throughout the region

You’ll find a range of cardiovascular imaging technologies at ETMC facilities throughout the region. Our goal is to help to identify heart disease at earlier stages and with greater accuracy than was previously possible — and early detection helps us treat problems before they become life-threatening.

It’s advanced care that changes lives in the communities of East Texas – and it’s the heart of our commitment to you.


“We have sophisticated, state-of-the-art imaging tools in the smaller ETMC hospitals that heretofore have been available only in major hospitals.”

– Cardiologist Robert Carney, MD, FACC

Types of cardiac imaging technology at ETMC

In addition to the diagnostic capabilities available in the cardiac cath and vascular labs, other imaging tools at the ETMC Cardiovascular Institute include

  • cardiac computer tomography (CT) using our LightSpeed 64-slice scanner, which provides detailed X-ray scans with reduced radiation doses as compared to other CT scanners. CT scans are used for noninvasive procedures such as coronary angiography and calcium scoring.
  • cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR), which provides a three-dimensional view of the heart’s anatomy and is used to evaluate ventricular mass, volumes and function.
  • echocardiography, which uses sound waves to produce images that allow doctors to check heart muscle, valves and rhythm. Types of echocardiogram tests that may be ordered for a patient include two- and three-dimensional, stress, contrast and transesophageal.
  • nuclear cardiology, which uses a small dose of radioactive substance called a tracer to help identify heart disease, the severity of prior heart attacks and the risk of future heart attacks.
  • positron emission tomography (PET), which uses a radioactive tracer to determine the chemical functioning of organs and tissues.

To learn more about cardiovascular imaging at ETMC, please call 903-535-6496 or 1-855-349-8258.