Stereotactic breast biopsy

A stereotactic breast biopsy is a procedure in which several samples of tissue are obtained from the breast. This permits a tissue diagnosis to distinguish between benign breast abnormalities and those that are cancerous.

The procedure takes place in a specially equipped room at ETMC’s Breast Care Center. The room contains digital breast imaging equipment and an examination table that allows for precise positioning. This is a preferred method of tissue sampling because it permits diagnosis without the trauma or scarring of an open biopsy. The physician discusses the procedure and reviews the mammography films prior to beginning the biopsy. A local anesthetic is administered. A small skin nick is made into the area to be biopsied. Several tissue samples are obtained and sent to pathology. Every effort to assure patient comfort is made during the procedure. The outpatient procedure takes approximately 60 minutes, and normal activities can be resumed upon completion of the biopsy.

Post procedure

A dressing is applied to the biopsy site after completion of the procedure. Post-procedure care is explained and at-home instructions are reviewed. The pathology report is obtained in 48 hours. ETMC’s Breast Care Center makes every effort to expedite the results to the physician and the patient. If the pathology is benign, it is recommended that a follow-up mammogram is completed in months. If the biopsy is diagnosed as breast cancer, the woman and her physician will discuss treatment options.