YouthFirst Teens

The professionals at ETMC Behavioral Health’s YouthFirst Teens program is ready to listen about your teenager’s problems.

YouthFirst Teens is there for teenagers suffering from a host of challenges:

  • Depressed
  • Often fails classes
  • Talks of suicide
  • Has substance abuse problems
  • Exhibits a sudden personality change
  • Is withdrawn from family and friends

YouthFirst is ready to help your teen find solutions with expert treatment is available to help teens 13-17 and their families restore balance to their lives.The program works to help patients¬†overcome painful problems, rebuild broken relationships and find the right path to recovery. It’s more than just another adolescent program. YouthFirst is the first step toward helping your child get on a new path for a healthy life.

Taking the first step can seem like a difficult decision, but you can call us today for a free assessment for inpatient services at 903-266-2200. Physician, family and even self-referrals are welcome.