Day treatment program

ETMC Behavioral Health’s outpatient day treatment program offers help for adults experiencing significant difficulties with emotional, family, work and/or behavioral functioning. The program is also designed to help adults deal with anxiety, panic attacks, grief and loss and other mental health issues.

Participants are welcomed into an atmosphere that allows them to meet others with similar needs and create bonds that will improve their outlook and mental health.

Group work focuses on

  • coping with the diagnosis which prompted admission
  • building self-esteem, self-reliance and independence within each person

Close to home

Participants work through the treatment process while staying close to home and avoiding the intensity of an inpatient setting. Licensed mental health professionals and medical personnel staff the programs to ensure that goals are met and that each participant has a positive experience in a comfortable setting.

Program focus

The focus of the adult program is simply to offer an outpatient program that allows the participants to return to their lives happier and better able to handle day-to-day living. The program is also designed to help participants leave better prepared to handle their lives. Family involvement is a key element in the healing process and individual family sessions are available.

Alternative to inpatient treatment

Treatment is a full- or partial-day outpatient program. This format provides a long-needed alternative to inpatient treatment that preserves family and professional ties, which can be so difficult to maintain.

Outpatient day treatment is also a cost-effective program operating in the least restrictive setting. The patient is allowed to remain in the home environment, connected to family, friends and community.