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Cardiac Scans

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The true 64-slice technology provided by ETMC's LightSpeed CT offers some of the most advanced diagnostic imaging available anywhere. It's fast and painless, yet it offers detailed x-ray scans without an invasive device.

Computer analysis then consolidates pictures or slices to create a three dimensional rendering that helps doctors detect problems early.

Often with early detection, treatment plans can address problems before they become life threatening.

A LightSpeed CT scan should be fast and painless.

Please follow these additional guidelines to get ready:

  • Please bring a driver
  • Bring a list of all of your medications and any allergies
  • Wear a comfortable 2-piece outfit (your shirt or top will probably be replaced with a hospital gown)
  • Do not drink coffee/caffeinated drinks (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) on the day of scan
  • Fasting prior to your scan will be required. You will be provided a fasting timeframe. (Usually four hours.)

Obtaining the best image
Because a better image is obtained with a slow heart rate, medications to lower your pulse called betablockers may be administered. When asked, you may also need to hold your breath briefly to help reduce movements that affect image quality. Because of the CT's fast scans you will only have to hold your breath a few seconds.