ETMC Home Health services

Skilled nursing

Skilled nursing services are sometimes needed temporarily due to injury or illness. Our team of skilled registered nurses will evaluate your condition and establish a treatment plan just for you. The nurses will continuously monitor your condition and keep physicians updated on your progress. Our nurses are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Physical and occupational therapy

Our skilled therapists will help you regain independence and redevelop the skills necessary for independent living after an illness or injury. ETMC Home Health physical therapists deal with your body as a whole and its physical limitations after an illness or injury. Our occupational therapist help you deal with the tasks of your daily living and can help you modify your ability to perform these tasks.

Speech therapy

Our speech therapists help you regain your ability to communicate. The goal of speech therapy is to improve verbal skills,  or to lessen swallowing difficulties, memory and attention loss or other speech problems after a stroke or injury.

I.V. therapy

Home I.V. therapy is for patients that need intravenous drug and nutritional therapy. Our experienced nurses are trained in insertion and management of I.V. lines.

Wound care

Our wound care experts have additional training to help manage your wounds and pain. Our experienced staff helps you understand the early signs of skin breakdown and infection while treating and managing your wounds at home.

HomeSite vision program

HomeSite is a home-based program for the visually impaired. Specially trained licensed nurses and therapists come to your residence to design an individualized program to meet to meet the specific needs of those with low vision. HomeSite can help provide you with a safe and friendly home environment and help decrease the burden on family members.

Telehealth cardiac home monitoring program

Imagine having a guardian angel that helps you monitor vital signs related to your heart and circulatory system. That’s what our telehealth cardiac home monitoring program is like. With easy-to-understand voice directions, the system talks you through basic daily testing and then reports this information to a registered nurse through your phone line or cellular connection. Your data is then analyzed by a physician and care and treatment plans are adapted accordingly. The telehealth system can help prevent unnecessary hospital stays for you or a loved one and decrease emergency room visits. Being linked daily to your medical team helps you become more confident and independent in your home environment.

To learn more visit the cardiocom website.

Home support and social services

Home health aides

Home health aides provide the same services you would receive as a patient in the hospital. We have trained aides to help you with bathing and dressing, dental care, feeding, walking, turning and positioning.

Medical social services

Trained social workers are on staff to help you with financial and emotional counseling.  They can also help you with community resources, long-term planning and crisis intervention.