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ETMC Cardiovascular Institute

First in the hearts of East Texas

Keeping East Texas hearts healthy is a big goal, especially when heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in America.

So we've built a big program that includes research, prevention and access to every level of heart care in East Texas.

Whether it's at the ETMC Chest Pain Center or the ETMC Cardiovascular Institute; in the office of an ETMC First Physician or in the hands of ETMC EMS, our heart care specialists are working around the clock to stop this killer.

ETMC is dedicated to this goal - and we need your help.

. Read the information in this guide.

. Practice prevention.

. Know the signs of heart attack.

. If concerned, call 9-1-1 immediately.


Get your Heart Guide Right Now

heart guide 2013

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It contains information and extras to help you stay informed about heart care and how to maintain a healthy heart.

This heart guide is printable and can be saved or passed on to friends and family members.

You'll also find information on reducing heart disease risk, clip-and-save information guides for wallet or purse and heart attack's warning signs. You can also fill out a questionnaire to help determine your risk.

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