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Tyler Healthy Connections

Healthy Connections at ETMC Tyler is a special service we have designed to help you when you are preparing for elective surgery. Our nurses are available each weekday and our goal is to provide preoperative testing and teaching tailored to your individual needs.

For more information call (903) 531-8109 or for an appointment�call �(903) 596-3786 or 1-800-648-8004 and Press 1.

We work to reduce anxiety by providing educational materials about your procedure and information on:

  • pain management
  • wound care
  • follow-up care after discharge

We also�conduct the necessary testing in advance of your procedure. This may�include:

  • EKGs
  • X-rays
  • Any special procedures ordered by your physician
  • Hospitalist exam

Our scheduler will contact you to set a convenient time for our program. Appointments are offered from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

On the day of your appointment, you will report to our office on the second floor of the�Olympic Plaza�tower at 700 South Beckham in Tyler. Parking is available in the attached covered parking garage.

What to bring
We will need your insurance cards, and our clerks will handle all admission paperwork, insurance verification and advance directives.

Pre-operative testing, education�and clearances
A Healthy Connections nurse will complete the admission paperwork and pre-operative testing. At this time we will also provide printed educational materials, and one-on-one verbal education, as well.

A hospitalist�may also�provide a preoperative exam and clearance. This allows your surgeon to meet the requirements for a history and physical within days of surgery. The hospitalist will receive your health history questions as well as all test results. If your visit includes an appointment with a hospitalist, you may be in our department three to four hours.

Specialized education for joint replacement
If you are receiving a total joint replacement, you we will provide instruction in our classroom setting with a nurse who will discuss what to expect:

  • before surgery
  • after surgery
  • to prevent post-operative infection.

A physical therapist will talk to you about post-operative rehabilitation efforts.

Our goal for your speedy recovery
While each surgery is different we work to provide what you need for a speedy recovery. We always strive to offer:

  • Uncompromising dedication to your healthcare
  • A high degree of professional skills and ability
  • Unceasing efforts to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible
  • Eagerness to explain your plan of care, answer questions and discuss concerns openly and honestly
  • Commitment to provide your care with both high quality and cost-efficiency.

Healthy Connections is more than just a program; it's a philosophy of working hand-in-hand with you to promote the very best surgical outcome possible.