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Health and Medical Services

One with East Texas

  • Bariatric Surgery Center
    Weight loss surgery and procedures to help reduce the health-threatening complications of obesity.
  • Behavioral Health Center
    Help 24 hours a day for emotional, behavioral and chemical dependency problems.
  • Cancer Institute
    Offering screenings, advanced diagnostics, treatments, clinical trials, counseling and inpatient care for major types of cancer.
  • Cardiovascular Institute
    Advanced, comprehensive heart care in our specially designed center equipped for diagnosis and treatment including surgery and rehabilitation.
  • da Vinci Surgical System
    The da Vinci surgical system at ETMC Tyler offers amazing precision with minimal scarring and faster recovery than conventional surgery.
  • Digestive Disease Center
    Diagnostics and treatments related to digestive tract diseases including GERD, colon and rectal cancer and others.
  • Emergency Services
    Emergency EMS and trauma care when and where you need it with a Level 1 trauma center as the hub.
  • Fitness Centers
    Fitness centers are located across the region to help you get fit, healthy and reach your goals for better living.
  • Home Health
    Accredited medical and social services delivered to the home.
  • Neurological Institute
    Neuroscience specialists utilizing advanced technology to provide unparalleled care for the brain, spine and the nervous system.
  • Orthopedic Institute
    Services and care for all joints, bones and diseases of the skeletal system.
  • Podiatry Care
    Foot problems come in all sizes. Contact our podiatrists for comprehensive foot care.
  • Radiology and Imaging
    Diagnostic and screening imaging services featuring some of the most advanced tools available.
  • Rehabilitation Center
    Comprehensive services and rehabilitation technology to help you recover from an illness or accident.
  • Sleep Disorders Center
    Diagnostic sleep tests for sleep apnea and other disorders.
  • Specialty Hospital
    Care for medically complex patients with a comprehensive staff of physicians and healthcare professionals.
  • Transplant Center
    For patients suffering from renal failure, a kidney transplant can be a transforming gift. Learn about our program that offers a new path.
  • Urology Institute
    The expertise of board-certified urologists blends with ETMC's state-of-the art medical resources to offer patients a wide array of urology and incontinence services.
  • Women's Health
    Special care for the important health moments in your life.
  • Wound Healing Center
    Wound care specialists caring for complex and non-healing wounds.